Embrace Nature

Embrace Nature

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Best Crayola in the Box

When I was little, we spent much of our time creating all kinds of art projects. But we would always come back to the basics: construction paper and a box of Crayolas -- the big one, with the pencil sharpener in the back. My favorite color was blue-green, not to be confused with blue, green or green-blue. Blue-green was a very distinctive hue, mostly blue, but with just enough green to make you feel like you were swimming in the clearest, freshest, purest pool in the world.

Last week when I visited Glacier National Park, I discovered where the inspiration for Crayola's blue-green must have come from. The water there reflected the lush mountains, the white glaciers and the cloudless sky perfectly. That color combination resulted in my favorite waters I've yet to visit.

As I looked down on the creeks and lakes from my bicycle on the Going-to-the-Sun road, the view took my breath away.

If there is any place on this planet where one can still find purity and beauty, it might just be Glacier.

Now go visit before all the glaciers melt away.