Embrace Nature

Embrace Nature

Sunday, January 11, 2015


It is a new year, and with that come messages from all angles - marketing, media, friends, coworkers - that we should be setting our New Year's Resolutions. It took me a while to come around to that idea this year. To the idea that I should set goals or renew commitments. Ok, truly, I was pretty resistant, especially when the yoga instructor was trying to tell me to set goals when I couldn't even hold a pose for more than 5 seconds on January 2nd.

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But a few days later I accepted that I can use these words and intentions in my own way.

First let's examine the word resolution. I like the idea of distilling this word down to resolve. When I resolve to do something, I set my mind to it. I bring it forward. I share it. I solidify my energy around it. m-w.com says resolve means "to make a definite and serious decision to do something"- yeah, I like that. (But not too serious.)

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So let's resolve. Just two for now, plus a bonus:

1. I resolve to run a marathon this year. My first. And I want to run it not slow. An 8-min pace would definitely be not slow for this girl. I'm aiming for one on May 30th, which gives me time to try again, just in case.

2. I resolve to not watch TV on weekdays, and to severely limit TV-watching on weekends. I never used to watch sit-coms, reality shows, or even the news, yet I was plenty up-to-date on pop culture and current events. Time to make that a habit again.

3. I resolve to allow myself to make resolutions mid-year! Yes! No need to wait around for January 1st or a special birthday or some other magical milestone. The time is NOW and the day is TODAY to be better at being myself.